Our answer is to consider your space, colour and plan and then create a space that matches your personal flavour and style. You are very busy and do not have the time to purchase furniture or accents or co-ordinate trades such as a handyman, painter, housecleaning etc.

You also are not sure where to find the best furniture and accents at the best and designer preferred price? We love helping you save your hard earned money. We can shop for you and pass on our designer discounts to you! That’s what you get… designer taste at a designer preferred price.

You are purchasing a new home or condominium.
We can help by designing or re-designing on a room by room basis or your entire home. Our goal is to create an amazing space that will fit your budget and style.

You are planning to move to a smaller space.
We can assist you in deciding with a fresh non-bias perspective what items of furniture and accents to keep. We can also help you to sell or give away items to charity. Remember…sometimes big things come in small packages!!

Your Grandparents Furniture

Your modern décor doesn’t quite work with the furniture you inherited from your grandparents. We can suggest re-design, re-upholstery and other solutions that will make it work!

Eclectic… combining different furniture and pieces reflecting broad and varying tastes and timelines.
Whatever the situation….we strive to help you design a space that is all yours!