Neu Dekor is a professional home staging service whose business is designed to help you sell your home faster and at a more attractive price.

From de-cluttering to arranging your furniture and artwork, or furnishing your vacant property, we can help make your interior look its best. Of course, an updated home in great shape is an easier sell than a house in disrepair. But did you know that homes tend to sell faster and fetch a better profit when they’re attractively staged for the consumer?

More than simply rearranging a few pieces of furniture, home staging involves setting up your house to ideally meet the prospective buyer’s eye. A well-staged home downplays flaws, and emphasizes space and possibility. We transform the look of your home by implementing design that highlights its best features to the broadest pool of potential buyers. So when you’re in need of home staging services, turn to Neu Dekor for all of your home staging and design needs!

The Pre-listing Consultation

The goal of our consultation is to provide you and your realtor with a customized plan of action before staging. One of our professional design & staging team members will meet with you and/or your realtor to discuss your budget and set up timelines

We will walk through the property with you and develop a comprehensive, room-by-room assessment of the home in order to evaluate the furniture, placement, flow, clutter, lighting, colour, accessories and any needed repairs that may be necessary to make the property more saleable.

Following this walk through evaluation of the property we offer specific suggestions for preparing your home for the market which are geared to get the most money for the property in the least time possible and with minimal investment.

If you are still living in the property, we will provide you with proven strategies for keeping the home show-ready!

Partial & Re-Design Staging

This is where our team of professional designers “work with what you have”. During the pre-listing consultation, we will implement strategies in order for your property to be show-ready.

This option is designed for homes that already contain furnishings that complement the home but may need a little tweaking through artistic rearranging, enhanced lighting or the infusion of strategically integrated colours, fabrics and accessories.

We will set up a time for our team to come in and rearrange your personal furnishings and accessories while incorporating pieces from our diverse inventory to create an updated look which will appeal to prospective home buyers.

Our pricing quotation varies based on the number of rooms and pieces used from our own inventory and time spent.

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